Crypto-Magique Inc. - Intro

This work is based on a promise I made to my friends. It is also a step in the right direction concerning urgent national economic, industrial, enterprise and personal security emergencies that we have. It is something practically everyone needs to know about, and many can use.

Computers, software, code and communications network are complicated, yet simple in some ways.

There are a lot of vulnerabilities that can cause problems, extreme problems. However, problems are temporary if we do something about them. We can also go beyond problems and create new reality.

The magnitude of problems is incredible, but providentially, with brilliant people who study and research things with great intensity, zeal, passion and understanding, can and do work together with character, integrity, resourcefulness and vision...omni-directional vision and right through hardware, software, code and character of machines and people.

We need more open source software and hardware, with idealism and altruism, solid character and integrity, the foundation that builds a civilized advanced civilization. This is a step in that direction.

Spy and crime, being defrauded, identity theft, being subject to genocide and treason, losing a fortune or even “just a little bit” is not good for anyone. It really is annoying. The status quo is obsolete, but we are forced to work with what we have, or what we think is available.

Missing files, remote wiped hard drives after “exfiltration” is not something we would recommend for anyone, the invasion of privacy goes on by people who have no manners, they are not civilized, they are spies, all spying leads to crime, all crime is genocide, all genocide is war, some of it is sponsored by governments, enterprise and people, incorrigible people.

Computer crashes, hidden proprietary code and endless problems and continuous upgrades that give a false sense of security is not the solution. It is time to go way beyond that and create something new.

You need to be the master, the boss, on/off, go/stop, work/don’t work, not a machine based on spying, hidden code and secret agendas that do not serve you with their infinite betrayal and treason, but something dedicated, loyal, dependable with every day reliability.

For anyone or anything to be loyal like a dog is a lot to ask, it may be impossible, but what we can do is start with the right code and the right hardware, open source, we can start with character and personality, integrity in everything. This is like the grail quest, you know, we are in the wasteland...we have work to do.

Even the loyal dog has a type of personality, they are mans’ best friend for a reason, maybe we will call this dogality, that’s it, a new word, dogality. That would be an understatement, since the average dog has an incredible range of perception and intelligence, authentic awareness and an everyday lucky puppy happy to see you attitude that is rare to find anywhere else, a dog has real personality.

Even though the yard dog is different than the house dog, their loyalty is priceless. As far as we can tell, the humble dog will be the gold standard in how we look at a solid, reliable and loyal computer, hardware, software or communication system. This does not mean that it can read your mind and know how you feel and protect you at all costs like a dog, but loyal, dedicated, exclusive, it will defend from intruders and criminals, even those who try to befriend not so fast, I hardly know you...woof woof, like a yard dog...

It goes beyond that quick fix, it goes beyond the comprehensive solution, this endeavour creates a new space time continuum, an alternate reality that is possible by choice, imagination, creativity and work, real energized effort to transform thought into reality.

The individual has many gifts, talents, abilities, a range of understanding that goes beyond cause and effect, that goes beyond more of the same, the individual has super powers...these can be directed in positive, constructive nation building endeavours.

Crypto-Magique Inc. offers new possibilities, a new future that is waiting to be born, invented out of thin air...working with professionals and genius, people that are intrigued - those who like to look into things and figure it out, hands on, people that understand languages, code and how things work, people with ideas, to work together with combined resources and effort, to endeavour in challenging programs and projects that are incredibly worthy of our attention and character, and to do something that was never done before, something epic...

There are all kinds of things possible and going on, some people know about, and others have no clue. Here, with this enterprise we hope to work together in a wider range of relevant topics, technology and ideas, real world stuff, and make progress in every way possible. Everyone and anyone can make a difference, each according to their time, ability, expertise, resources, ideas and vision.

Personal, financial and enterprise privacy and security is essential, even a basic email, it is your business. What we hope to do here is simplify things, make it easier, more dynamic, more awesome.

We hope to create awareness, make things understandable, offer solutions...without causing a panic. The silent treatment and not talking about the reality of the situation does not make the problems go away, not like people. The problems remain, they get bigger, they get out of control and can do a lot of damage.

Many people are not aware of the significant problems with common software, hardware and related communication devices. People need to know that there are awesome solutions to problems that cut to the chase and go beyond with new capabilities, technology and thinking.

As individuals, we accept personal responsibility, we exercise leadership, take persistent dedicated action, we do everything we can, we are resilient and as much as possible, self sufficient, we manage our lives in the best way we can with what we have to work with. With this initiative, we hope that we can make this easier for everyone involved...many hands make light work, is a classic example, this is based on a long term vision.

You don’t need to totally stop using the internet or computers, there is something else you can do, something you can be a part of, something incredible, awesome, challenging and rewarding.

Here and now, there is no blame to any one or any thing, and even though some or many of us have been victims or suffered as a consequence of actions or events concerning computers, hardware, software, communications or otherwise, we press forward.

We invent new reality, creative imagination at work, the artist, the scientist, the mathematician, the musician, the business wizard, the marketing pro, the code writer or analyst, the hacker, everyone has a place. Even the enemy can be our friend, the enemy can make us stronger, every tactic, technique or otherwise, their arrogance and criminality, can be matched with humble dedicated character fuelled by the quest for justice empowered by integrity. Character and mind over existing perceived material facts.

Good civilized character is doing what is right, and anyone can certainly do everything they can to express the best of who they are. This is a lot like “write the manual”, not only “read the manual”. This is a lot like being civilized, and a good reason to have open source and the faith to go forward step by step, day by day. We learn and go forward with confidence and trust in ourselves and those we work with.

We need to be civilized if we are to build a civilized advanced civilization, we can and we will be working together and as individuals, the person that can re-invent the world and an entire space time continuum of reality, that alternate reality that we can have by choice.

Please take some time to explore and discover, find out what is possible and dedicate yourself to be a part of the Crypto-Magique Inc. enterprise in whatever way you can, as this can be a renaissance in thinking and doing, it might even be a revolution...this is only the beginning. Anything can change in a moment, and this is for you, friends, allies, and all the loyal and patriotic citizens who want that confidence and trust empowered and directed to building awesome things together, a world where anything is possible…